Welcome to the Antimatter of Chaos!

Barbicans From London born in 2007 with the arrival to Chile of Ru Vandeaux (producer and psychedelic guitar), who brought with him the conviction that rock can not be prefabricated and only is domesticable from performers synchronous intuition.

Matzuka Corp (bass, vocals) completes this project that cultivates FreeStyle & Jam Rock, a sort of antimatter volatile and unique that only thanks to the live recordings from the studio sessions, can works.

And that's the big reason why each Barbicans song has a unique value in the history of rock (never a theme has been repeated two times!).

Two years of uninterrupted work support this "crazy and irreverent" attitude towards music, which every so often results in a fractal album that appears and disappears as the music itself.

That the fractality be with you ...

Enjoy the complete album "Grandes éxitos bailables" just available on-line, not free format yet...